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Moving in, Moving out, Stressing out

System - Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Moving is stressful. Whether moving across the country, or to the house next door, every move brings its own surprises and stresses. When moving from rental to rental, there are ways to reduce some of the stress. 

When going through the “move-out” process, be sure to give your landlord proper notice. Most leases will have this written out, but 30 days is a good rule of thumb. When you give notice, if you have a forwarding address, give it to your property manager for deposit purposes. The more you can get off of your plate before the chaos of a move, the better! It is also a good idea to go through your home and clean what you can. Again, most leases will specify what a deposit can and cannot be used for. It’s likely that your deposit cannot be used for “general cleaning” BUT it can be used for cleaning that goes above and beyond normal wear and tear. The focal points? OVENS and REFRIGERATORS. Clean them out and clean them up. Don’t leave any trash, furniture or junk unless it has already been approved by your property manager. Any removal can likely be deducted from your deposit. Don’t forget about your utilities! This goes for moving out and moving in. Any utilities that are in your name can be scheduled for turn off the day your lease ends. If you’re moving locally, ask for them to be transferred so maybe you can avoid any “turn on” fees.

When you move-in, make sure to go over the property with an inspector’s eye. Most property management companies will provide a “Move-in Inspection” form. Take it seriously and take your time. The company will generally give you 3 days to fill it out. This helps both parties understand what may need done at the time of move-in and what was already in existence at the time of move-out. A property manager will likely have been through the unit between tenants, but some things just aren’t discoverable unless you live there. Make sure you have any online portals set up so you can communicate with your property management team regarding maintenance issues and rent payments.

Anyone that has moved knows things fall through the cracks. It happens. Honestly, it’s expected. Getting as much out of the way before crunch time can certainly help alleviate added stress. If you have questions about the move-out or move-in process, remember to reach out to your property manager or refer to your lease agreement for any specifics. 

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